Soil Science One Liner For Agri exam -2

Soil Science One Liner

Soil Science One Liner

Soil Science One Liner

● The soil moisture content at 1/ 3 bar (pressure is called as ‘Field Capacity’, while soil moisture content at 15 bar is said to be the Wilting Capacity.

● The formula = PW × AS × D 100 , is used to measure irrigation water depth.

● Strength of Growth Regulator—1‚000 ppm means 0·1% solution or 1g/litre water or 1000 mg/litre. ● Tensiometer in soil can work upto 0·8 bar pressure.

● That process, wherein ammonia forms through organic compound is called ammonification.

● The oxidation of ammonia into nitrate, is called nitrification. (Soil Science One Liner)

● Mineralisation is that process, wherein the carbonic form of nitrogen is changed into inorganic form.

● In cereal crops, the nitrogen fixation through Azotobacter and Azospirillum (bio-fertilizers bacteria) is called symbiotic nitrogen fixation.

● The soil colour is measured through the method of Mushell colour.

● Zero Tillage Technology in Wheat can save the cost by 28%.

● CFQC & TI—Central Fertilizer Quality Control and Training Institute Faridabad (Haryana)-having 74 laboratories in the country with 3 Regional Fertilizer Control Laboratories located at Mumbai, Chennai and Kalyani for testing, training fertilizers etc. (Soil Science One Liner)

● Nitrogen (N) nutrient was discovered by D. Rutherford in 1772 and was found 78·4% N in atmospheric air.

● Fertilizer Control Order (FCO), 1985 and Essential Commodity and Fertilizer Control Order (FCO) 1985 are to ensure fertilizer standard quality to farmers.

Meaning in One Sentence

ABC Soil—The clearly developed profit of A, B & C layers of soil, is called ABC soil.

ATP (Adinosin Tri-Phosphate)—It is the energyful of compound, that helps to increase some cell activities.

Crop log—The graphic record of progress of any crop, that is the class/category of physical and chemical measurement. (Soil Science One Liner)

Crop logging—The identification of low or high amount of any plant nutrient in leaves of crop plants like-sugarcane.

Crop lodging—The falling of crop by any means (like excess of water, nitrogen excess or fast/stormy winds), is called ‘crop lodging’,

HCN (Hydro-Cynic Acid)—The poison present in the form of glucoside in leaves/stem of sorghum under dry & early stage, is called HCN (Prusic Acid/or Dhurin).

Ley Farming—The growing of grasses on agriculturally usuable land in a agri-system and there after keep it as pasture for some years.

NADEP—Narain Dev Rao Pandhari (Pandey) a compost method a farmer of Pusad, village in Yavatmal distt. of Maharashtra. (Soil Science One Liner)

pH—Anti-log of hydrogen ions.

pF—The log of height (cm) of water column, that is equal to soil-force.

Pedology—The Science of composition, life and its activities i.e., origin, distribution and characteristic study of a soil, is called Pedology.

● Neem patented to India from USA (2005) and Neem Year 2007 was celebrated.

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