SUGARCANE Saccharum officinarum PDF Download

TOPIC :- 15 SUGARCANE Saccharum officinarum ,Introduction ,Importance ,By products in sugarcane industry ,Cane tops ,Bagasse ,Filter mud / pressmud ,Molasses ,Origin ,Species of sugarcane ,Varieties ,Planting materials ,Ideal cane sett ,Seed rates & spacing ,Method of planting ,Special methods of establishment ,Manures for Sugarcane ,Irrigation ,Weed control ,Cultural operations ,Earthing-Up ,Earthing-Up ,Hoeing ,Detrashing ,Propping ,Lodging leads to several problems ,Control of flowering ,Ratoon Management ,Ratoon management ,Maturity and harvest ,Assessing maturity ,Ripening is influenced by number of factors ,Cool dry weather is the key factor ,Ripeners ,Cropping systems.

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