Tillage One Liner For Competitive exam

Tillage One Liner

Tillage One Liner

Quest.The mechanical manipulation of the soil is k/s as

Quest.The good physical condition of soil after tillage is

Quest.Who is the father of tillage?
Ans.Jethro Tull

Quest.The tillage operation mainly aims to break, open and turn the soil
Ans.Primary/tillage(Tillage One Liner)

Quest.The primary tillage implements are
Ans.Deshi plough, MB plough, Ridge plough, Disk plough etc.

Quest.The tillage operation, done to create a good seedbed for proper seeding/planting
Ans.Secondary tillage

Quest.The secondary tillage implements are
Ans.Cultivator, Harrows, Hoe, Planker, Roller etc.

Quest.The optimum range of available soil moisture for convenient and effective ploughing

(Tillage One Liner)

Quest.An ideal condition of soil for crop growth?

Quest.Conventional tillage involves
Ans.Minimum tillage, Zero tillage and Conservation tillage.

Quest.The tillage aims to reduce tillage to the minimum necessary for ensuring a good seed-bed, rapid germination, satisfactory stands and favourable growing condition?
Ans.Minimum tillage

Quest.The tillage referred as no tillage in which the crop is planted in unprepared soil
Ans.Zero tillage(Tillage One Liner)

Quest.The word ‘Zero tillage’ was termed by
Ans.Jethro Tull

Quest.A system of tillage in which organic residues are not inverted into the soil and used as a protective cover against erosion and evaporational losses of soil moisture?
Ans.Conservation tillage or stubble mulch tillage

Quest.Conservation tillage tends to encourage
Ans.Higher microbial population

Quest.The tillage implement used to break subsoil is
Ans.Chisel plough(Tillage One Liner)

Quest.Ridge plough is used for
Ans.Earthing-up and form ridges and furrows.

Quest.Star weeder is used for
Ans.Weeding in dry lands and groundnut fields

Quest.Disc plough is used for
Ans.Deep ploughing in grassed field(Tillage One Liner)

Quest.Rotary plough is used for
Ans.Cut and pulverizes the light soil.

Quest.Harrows are used for
Ans.Preparation of seedbed, destroy weeds

Quest.Mechanization index is found highest in
Ans.Wheat crop(Tillage One Liner)

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