Toxins Present in Plants

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Gossypol : Cotton

Neurotoxin (BOAA) : Lathyrus

Erucic acid : Rapeseed and mustard

Goitrogen : Soybean

Saponin and plant estrogens : Alfalfa/Lucerne

Aflatoxin : Groundnut

Coumarin : Sweet clover

HCN glucosides/Prussic acid/ Dhurin : Sorghum

Steroidal alkaloids : Potato

Alkaloids : Yam

Resins : Mango

Antivitamin E Factor : Field pea

Polyphenolics : Safflower and sunflower

Trypsin inhibitors : Pigeon pea, French bean & Soybean

Hemagglutinins : French bean

Lathyrogens : Lathyrus sativus (Khesari)

Glucosides : White clover

Eicosenoic acid : Rapeseed and mustard

Cucurbitacins : Cucurbits

CN glucosides : Cassava

Oxalic acid : Pearl millet, Napier grass

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