Tuberose cultivation

Tuberose cultivation

TUBEROSE (Polianthes tuberosa L.)


Tuberose commonly known as Rajni gandha. It produces waxy,  white and fragrant flowers on long spikes, which are mostly used as cut flowers; for making garlands and extracting essential oil.


Single –Calcutta Single, Mexican Single, Phule Rajani, Prajwal, Rajat Rekha, Shringar, Khahikuchi Single, Hyderabad Single, Pune Single, Arka Nirantra
Double –Calcutta Double, Hyderabad Double, Pearl Double, Swarna Rekha, Suvasini, Vaibhav.

Tuberose cultivation

Climate: Tropical conditions with a temperature range of 28 to 300C

Well drained loamy soil having a pH of 6.5-7.5 is ideal for cultivation.

Propagation and planting
Bulbs are used for commercial propagation. Bulbs (25 to 30 g) are planted (1,12,000 corms/ha) on the sides of ridges at 45 x 20 cm spacing at 2.5 cm depth during June – July. Bulbs are planted after 30 days of harvest. Dip the corms in 5000 ppm CCC (5 g/lit) before planting to increase the yield.

Micronutrients: Manuring and after cultivation
Manuring can be done with FYM 25 t/ha and NPK 200:200:200 kg/ha (IIHR Recommendation). Full P and K can be applied during the final preparation of plots, while N can be applied in 3 equal split doses i.e., at the final preparation of plot, 60 and 90 days after planting of bulbs.

Foliar spray ofZnSO4 0.5% + FeSO4 0.2% + Boric acid 0.1%.

Growth regulators: 
Foliar application of GA3 at 50 to 100 ppm thrice at 40, 55 and 60 days after planting.

Plant protection
Thrips: Spray Dimethoate @ 1.5 ml/lit or Fipronil 5 % SC @ 1.5 ml/ l

Aphids: Spary Dimethoate @ 1.5 ml/lit or Imidacloprid @ 1.5ml/l

Root knot nematode:
Apply Carbofuran 3 G 1 g/plant near the root zone and irrigate immediately to control nematode infestation.

Basal rot (or) stem rot: Soil drenching with Carbendazim @ 0.1 %

Crop duration
It extends up to 2 years. The crop can be maintained for one more year with good management practices.


For Loose flower and concrete extraction: Individual florets are plucked during early morning hours before 8 am daily, when they start to open.
For cut flower: Whole spike is cut leaving 4 to 6 cm from the base.

Loose flowers: 14-15 t/ha; Cut flower: 2 – 3 lakhs spikes/ha/year; Bulbs & bulblets: 20 -25 t/ha (at the end of 3rdyear).
Concrete recovery: 0.08 – 0.11 %

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