Vegetable Cultivation One Liner For Competitive exam-1

Vegetable Cultivation One Liner

Vegetable Cultivation One Liner


Quest.No. 1 processing vegetable


Quest.The new botanical name of tomato

Ans.Solanum lycopersicon

Quest.A pigment responsible for red colour in tomato


Quest.Pusa Rubi is a cross of

Ans.Sioux × Improved Maruti

Quest.The best combiner variety of tomato

Ans.Pusa Rubi (Vegetable Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Pusa Rubi, Arka sourav, Pant bahar and Best of all are

Ans.Indeterminate varieties

Quest.The best suited variety for drought condition

Ans.Arka Vikas

Quest.Most serious pest for tomato plant

Ans.Root knot nematode

Quest.Nematode and Bacterial wilt resistant variety of tomato

Ans.Arka vardan

Quest.Most important nutrients required for tomato cultivation

Ans.Boron and zinc (Vegetable Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.The recommended seed rate of tomato per hectare

Ans.300-350 gm/ha

Quest.Harvesting stage of tomato for distant market/transportation

Ans.Mature green stage

Quest.Best method of extraction of tomato seed

Ans.Alkali method

Quest.Blossom end rot of tomato is due to

Ans.Ca deficiency

Quest.Fruit cracking of tomato is due to

Ans.B deficiency (Vegetable Cultivation One Liner)


Quest.Brinjal is also known as

Ans.Egg plant%3LS