Watershed Management & Dryland Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam

Watershed Management
Quest.A natural hydrological unit having common runoff outlet point

Quest.The ratio of runoff to the volume of precipitation receive in a catchment area is known as
Ans.Runoff coefficient

Quest.Micro watershed covers an area of about
Ans.100 – 1000 ha

Quest.Major irrigation project covers an area of
Ans.>10,000 ha

Quest.Irrigation project covered >10,000 ha of catchments command area (CCA)
Ans.Major irrigation project

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Quest.Irrigation project covered 2,000 to 10,000 ha of CCA
Ans.Medium irrigation project

Quest.Irrigation project covered < 2,000 ha of CCA
Ans.Minor irrigation project

Quest.Water harvesting in situ is known as
Ans.Runoff farming

Dryland Agriculture

Quest.Cultivation of crops in areas where average annual rainfall is <750 mm per annum
Ans.Dry Farming

Quest.Cultivation of crops in areas receiving rainfall from 750 to 1150 mm per annum.
Ans.Dryland Farming

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Quest.The areas receiving average annual rain fall > 1150 mm are categories as
Ans.Rainfed Farming

Quest.Crop growing season of dryland farming is
Ans.75 – 120 days

Quest.Change in normal crop planning to meet weather abnormalities is termed as
Ans.Contingent planning

Quest.The main important feature of Indian monsoon
Ans.Long breaks in the rainy season or Prolonged Dry spells

Quest.The most dangerous situation in dryland condition is
Ans.Early withdrawal of water

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Quest.The contingent crop plan suggested when long gap in rainfall
Ans.Providing life saving irrigation only at critical growth stages

Quest.The alternate crops recommended to sow under late onset of monsoon
Ans.Castor, Greengram, Cowpea, Sunflower etc.

Quest.The crop sown under condition of early onset of monsoon
Ans.Pearlmillet and Sesamum

Quest.A period in which the available soil moisture is enough to meet the evapotranspiration requirement of dry land crops
Ans.Length of growing period

Quest.The length of growing period, suitable for growing only a single dry land crop
Ans.14 weeks

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Quest.The length of growing period, suitable for inter cropping system
Ans.14 to 20 weeks

Quest.The moisture deficit condition, results when the amount of water vapour available in the soil is not sufficient to meet the demand of potential evapo-transpiration

Quest.The simplest way of adaptation of plant to drought is

Quest.The chemical accumulated during drought condition

Quest.Which is accumulated in the leaves of water stressed plants

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Quest.Most appropriate crops in dryland farming are
Ans.Pearlmillet, sorghum, gram, toria

Quest.Which crop rotation under dryland situation will be more remunerative?

Quest.The chemicals used to check transpiration losses of water

Quest.2,4-D, Atrazine and PMA at low concentration act as which type of antitranspirents
Ans.Stomatal closing

Quest.Film farming type antitranspirents are
Ans.Hexadeconal, Mobileaf, Wax and Silicon

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Quest.Reflectant type antitranspirents is
Ans.Kaoline (5%)

Quest.Growth retardant type antitranspirents is
Ans.Cycocel (CCC)

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