Weed Management MCQ for Competitive Exam – 5

Q.1.What is the chemical name of MCPA ?

a).2-(4-chloro-2 methylphenoxy acid

b). 4-(4 chloro-2 methylphenoxy acid

c). 4- chloro-2 –methylphenoxy acid

d). 2,4-dichlorophenoxy acid

Q.2.What is the chemical name of Dicamba ?

a).3-amino-2,5-dichlorobenzoic acid

b). 3,6-dichloro2-metoxybenzoic acid

c). 2,3,6- trichlorobenzoic acid

d). None of the above

Q.3.What is the mode of action of sulfonamide herbicide

a). Amino acid synthesis inhibitor

b). Photosynthesis inhibitor

c). Lipid inhibitor

d). Pigment inhibitor

Q.4.Which herbicide is amino acid synthesis inhibitor

a). Glyphosate

b). 2,4-D

c). MCPA


Q.5.What is the mode of action of diclofop

a). Root inhibition

b). Shoot inhibition

c). lipid inhibition

d). Photosynthesis inhibition

Q.6.The mode of action of dinitroanilines

a). Shoot growth inhibitor

b). Lipid inhibitor

c). Root growth inhibitor

d). Amino acid inhibitor

Q.7.Which herbicide’s mode of action is root growth inhibition?

a). Fluchloralin

b). MCPA

c). Glyphosate

d). Alachlor

Q.8.The mode of action of thiocarbonates is

a). Lipid inhibitor

b). Cell membrane dispruption

c). Pigment inhibitor

d). Shoot inhibitor

Q.9.The mode of action of Atrazine is

a). Pigment inhibition

b). Cell membrane disruption

c). Seedling growth inhibition

d). Photosynthesis inhibition

Q.10.Which herbicide not belong to triazine group





Q.11.The mode of action of Isoproturon is

a). Root inhibitor

b). Shoot inhibitor

c). Photosynthesis inhibition

d). Amino acid inhibition

Q.12.Which herbicide is photosynthesis inhibitor ?

a). Bromacil

b). Glyphosate

c). Paraquat

d). 2,4-D

Q.13.Which herbicide group is photosynthesis inhibitor?

a). Nitriles

b). Carbamate

c). Dicarboxylic acid

d). Dinitroanilines

Q.14.The mode of action of paraquat is

a). Amino acid synthesis inhibition

b). Pigment inhibition

c). Cell membrane disruption

d). Shoot inhibition

Q.15.Which herbicide mode of action is pigment inhibitor?

a). MCPA

b). Fluchloralin

c). Chlomazone

d). 2,4-D

Q.16.Roundup introduced in which year





Q.17.Change in molecular structure of applied herbicides inside the plant is known as

a). Conjugation

b). Metabolism

c). Reverse metabolism

d). Degradation

Q.18.Which is Post emergence herbicide ?

a). Propanil

b). Fluchloralin

c). Alachor

d). Thiobencarb

Q.19.Which herbicide is pre – plant applied herbicides ?

a). Dalapon

b). 2,4-D

c). Alachlor

d). All

Q.20.Which is non – selective herbicide ?

a). Glyphosate

b). Fluchloralin

c). 2,4-D

d). Propanil

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