Weed Management One Liner For Competitive exam

Weed Management One Liner

Weed Management One Liner

Quest.An unwanted plant, growing where it is not desired?

Quest.Such weeds, that are grown in cultivated field?
Ans.Obligate weeds

Quest.Cropped along with wild land weed are known as?
Ans.Facultative weeds

Quest.Problematic weed, whose seed once mixed with crop seed is extremely difficult to separate?
Ans.Objectionable weed

Quest.Undesirable, troublesome weed difficult to control
Ans.Noxious weed(Weed Management One Liner)

Quest.Mimicry weeds of rice and wheat is
Ans.Phalaris and wild rice

Quest.Weed that depends for its growth on its host plant?
Ans.Parasitic weed

Quest.Semi root parasitic weed of Sorghum and Sugarcane?
Ans.Striga spp.

Quest.Semi stem parasitic weed of Mango?
Ans.Loranthus spp.

Quest.The total root parasitic weed of Tobacco?
Ans.Orabanchi spp.(Weed Management One Liner)

Quest.The total stem parasitic weed of Lucerne?
Ans.Cuscuta spp

Quest.The off type crop varieties are

Quest.Which of the following stages of a crop are more prone to weed competition?
Ans.Germination to seedling

Quest.What is the Critical Period of Crop-Weed Competition for transplanted rice?
Ans.30-45 DAS

Quest.What is the Critical Period of Crop-Weed Competition for Upland rice condition?
Ans.Entire period of crop growth(Weed Management One Liner)

Quest.What is the Critical Period of Crop-Weed Competition for sugarcane?
Ans.30-120 DAS

Quest.The detrimental effect of one of higher plants on other higher plants is known as

Quest.The practice of flushing out germinable weed seeds before crop sowing is called
Ans.Stale seed bed

Quest.Stale seed bed technique of weed control is a
Ans.Cultural method

Quest.2, 4-D, Simazine, Atrazine and Fluchloralin belongs to the selectivity group
Ans.Selective herbicides(Weed Management One Liner)

Quest.Diquat, Paraquat, Oxadiargyl and Glyphosate etc. belongs to the selectivity group
Ans.Non-selective herbicides

Quest.The herbicides applied 1 day before sowing/planting or just are comes under
Ans.Pre-plant incorporated (PPI) herbicides.

Quest.The example of PPI herbicides are
Ans.Fluchloralin, Alachlor, Trifluralin etc.

Quest.The herbicides applied 1-4 days after sowing are comes under
Ans.Pre-emergence herbicides.

Quest.The example of PRE herbicides are
Ans.Simazine, Atrazin, Alachlor, Butachlor, Nitrofen, Pendimethalin etc.(Weed Management One Liner)

Quest.The herbicides applied 30-40 DAS are comes under
Ans.Post-emergence herbicides.

Quest.The example of POST herbicides are
Ans.2, 4-D, Diquat, Paraquat, Isoproturon, Fenoxaprop-ethyl, Sulfosulfuron, Chlorimuron-ethyl etc.

Quest.2, 4-D belongs to the chemical group
Ans.Chloro phenoxy compound

Quest.Fluchloralin and Pendimethalin belong to the chemical group

Quest.Atazine and Simazine belong to the chemical group
Ans.Triazines(Weed Management One Liner)

Quest.Alachlor, Butachlor and Propanil belong to the chemical group

Quest.Glyphosate and Anilophos belong to the chemical group

Quest.What is the trade name of Alachlor?

Quest.What is the trade name of Chlorimuron-ethyl?
Ans.Classic, Kloben

Quest.What is the trade name of Chlorimuron 10% + Metasulfuron-methyl 10%?

Quest.What is the trade name of Ethoxy sulfuron?
Ans.Sunrise(Weed Management One Liner)

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