Weed Management Pdf Book Download

weed management


Weeds – harmful and beneficial effects

Classification of weeds

Propagation and dissemination of weed seeds

Weed biology and ecology

Crop-weed association, crop-weed competition and allelopathy

Methods of weed control – physical & cultural

Methods of weed control – chemical and biological methods

Integrated weed management

Herbicides – advantages and limitation of herbicide usage in India

Herbicide classification, formulations and methods of application

Nomenclature of commonly available herbicides in India

Low volume herbicides – adjutants and their use in herbicides – mode of action of herbicides – effect of sub lethal dosage

Selectivity and mode of action of herbicide

Compatibility of herbicides with other agro chemicals

Weed management in major field crops-rice

Weed management in horticultural crops

Shift of weed flora in cropping systems


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