CeRA (Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture)

Oral communication has been an integral part of people to people interactions in all ancient civilizations.

▪With the advancement of science and technology, the process of communication has been expanded over the years to cover print and other modes like computer and associated gadgets.

▪India is predominantly an agrarian country, and the growth of agriculture is reflected in the good yields of different crops that depend on various factors – natural and man-made. Agricultural research, the backbone of agricultural growth in the country, demands timely dissemination of knowledge being generated and updated across the globe from time to time. Institutions in NARS, by and large, have been procuring print versions of journals and literature in aid of science and technology. With the rapid growth of internet facilities and advancement of web technology, almost all reputed international journals are available on-line and can be accessed by researchers over the network.


▪Since ICAR is having network connectivity across institutes and state agricultural universities, select journals could be made available over the network for the use of scientific community.

Objectives of CeRA

1. To upscale the existing R & D information resource base of ICAR Institutions/Universities comparable to world’s leading institutions / organizations.

2. To subscribe e-journals and create e-access culture among scientists / teachers in ICAR Institutes / Agricultural Universities.

3. To assess the impact of CeRA on the level of research publications measured through NAAS ID and Science Citation Index.

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