Wheat and Rice MCQ for Competitive Eaxm

1. In dwarf wheat, sowing depth is related to..?

(a). Length of radicle. 
(b). Length of coleoptile. 
(c). Humidity. 
(d). Temperature. 

2. Which weedicide is used to kill broad leaf weeds in wheat..?

(a). 2, 4 – D.
(b). 2, 4, 5 -T. 
(c). 2, 4 – DB. 
(d). None of these. 

3. Production target of wheat for the year 2023-24 is..?

(a). 118 mt.
(b). 192 mt.
(c). 90 mt.
(d). 96 mt. 

4. Indicator plant for copper is..?

(a). maize. 
(b). wheat. 
(c). sorghum. 
(d). potato crop.
5. Directorate of wheat research (dwr) is located at..?

(a). Hyderabad. 
(b). New Delhi. 
(c). Karnal. 
(d). Bikaner. 

6. The first wheat variety having short plant height, lodging resistant and higher grain yield was..?

(a). Norin-10. 
(b). Lerma Rojo 64 A. 
(c). Sonaro – 64. 
(d). None of these. 

7. Maximum area under wheat..?

(a). India.
(b). China.
(c). USA.
(d). Russia.

8. Which of the following crop has the highest cultivated area in the world?

(a). Rice.
(b). Wheat.
(c). Barley.
(d). Bajra. 

9. The most suitable variety for late sow condition is..?

(a). kalyansona. 
(b). sonalika. 
(c). raj – 3077. 
(d). wh – 147. 

10. Triticale is a cross between..?

(a). Wheat and rye. 
(b). Oat and barley. 
(c). Wheat and barley. 
(d). None of these. 

11. The botanical name of rice is..?

(a). Oryza sativa. 
(b). Oryza glaberima.
(c). Both A & B. 
(d). None of these. 

12. Rice belongs to which family? 

(a). Gramineae. 
(b). Poaceae. 
(c). Grass family. 
(d). All of these.

13. Origin place of rice is..?

(a). Sea (south east asia). 
(b). USA. 
(c). Indo – burma. 
(d). a & c both. 

14. Sowing time of aus rice is..? 

(a). June – July. 
(b). Mar. – April.
(c). April – May. 
(d). May- June. 

15. Aus rice is also known as..? 

(a). Aman rice. 
(b). Boro rice.
(c). Autumn rice.
(d). None of these.

16. Sowing time of aman rice is..?

(a). June – July. 
(b). Mar. – April. 
(c). May – June. 
(d). Dec. – Jan. 

17. Sowing time of boro rice is..?

(a). Nov. – Dec. 
(b). Dec. – Jan. 
(c). Oct.
(d). July – August.

18. Aman rice is also called as..?

(a). kharif rice. 
(b). winter rice. 
(c). both a & b. 
(d). none of these. 

19. Boro rice is called as..?

(a). Summer rice.
(b). Winter rice. 
(c). Kharif rice. 
(d). None of these. 

20. In which rice lodging doesn’t occur..?

(a). Indica rice. 
(b). Japonica rice. 
(c). Javanica rice. 
(d). All of these.

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