Wheat One-liner For Competitive Exam -110

Q.Kalyan sona is a variety of- Wheat

Q.Variety which related to durum wheat- Meghdoot

Q.Native place of dwarf wheat – Mexico

Q.How many irrigations commonly required for wheat – 6

Q. Single gene dwarf variety of wheat – Pratap

Q.Karnal bunt is a disease of – Wheat

Q.Pratap is variety of – Wheat

Q.If two irrigation are available for wheat crop, they should be applied at CRI stage and milking stage

Q.Most critical stage of irrigation- CRI stage

Q. The optimum temperature range for sowing of  wheat is – 20-25degree Celsius

Q. Origin place of Emmer wheat is – Abyssinia

Q. Protein content in wheat grain is – 8-15%

Q. Phalaris minor weed in wheat crop is controlled by – Isoproturon

Q. Scientific name of macaroni wheat – Triticum durum

Q. Loose smut of wheat is a – Seed borne disease

Q. Which state of the country have highest area and production of wheat – Uttar Pradesh

Q. The appropriate temperature required at the time of wheat maturity – 14-15degree Celsius

Q. Wheat protein is called as – Gulten

Q. Variety of wheat which are suitable for unirrigated area – Mukta (HI 385)

Q. The suitable temperature for wheat cultivation is – 25-30degree Celsius

Q. PBW-34 is a variety related to – Durum wheat

Q. Type of the fruit of wheat is – Caryopsis

Q. The inflorescence of wheat is known as – Ear or spike

Q. DDK-1029 is the variety of – Emmer wheat

Q. Suji is prepared by – Durum wheat

Q.Chromosome number of macaroni wheat – 2n=42

Q.Durum wheat mainly grown in – Madhya Pradesh

Q. Chromosome number of Emmer wheat is – 2n=14

Q. Chromosome number of bread wheat is – 2n=42

Q. Triticum aestivum is a scientific name of – Bread wheat

Q. Family of wheat is – Grammineae

Q. Fat percentage in wheat – 1.5%

Q. Fiber percentage of wheat – 1.2%

Q. Carbohydrate percentage of wheat – 67-72%

Q. Shelling percentage of wheat- 60%

Q. Harvest index of wheat – 40-45 %

Q. Wheat is also known as- King of cereals

Q. Inflorescence of wheat is- Ear /spike /Head

Q. Central zigzag axis of wheat grain is known as

Q. Seed rate of wheat is – 100kg/ha

Q. New method of weed sowing- Furrow Irrigated Raised Bed System (FIRB)

Q. Pseudo cereals is- Buck wheat

Q. Wheat stem borer sesamia inferns attack in- Night

Q. Wheat is a- Hexaploid plant

Q. First man made cereal is – Triticale

Q. Triticale is a crossing of – Wheat x Rye

Q. Both blight and rust resistant varieties of wheat is- UP2425, PBW273, WH291

Q. High yielding dwarf varieties of wheat developed by- Dr.Norman, E.Borlaug

Q. Common herbicide used to control weeds in wheat- 2,4-D

Q. Most critical stage for irrigation in wheat- CRI (Crown Root Initiation)

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