Wheat One Liner For Competitive exam

Wheat One Liner

Wheat One Liner

Quest.The botanical name and family of wheat
Ans.Triticum spp., Poaceae

Quest.Wheat is a
Ans.Hexaploid plant. (2n = 42).

Quest.The Mexican dwarf wheat is
Ans.T. aestivum (2n = 42).

Quest.The bred wheat is
Ans.T. vulgare (2n= 42)

Quest.Marconi wheat is
Ans.T. durum (2n= 28)

(Wheat One Liner)

Quest.Emmer wheat is
Ans.T. dicocum (2n= 28)

Quest.Indian dwarf/Club wheat is
Ans.T. spherococum (2n= 28)

Quest.The highest grown wheat species in India
Ans.T. aestivum

Quest.The optimum temperature range for sowing of wheat crop
Ans.20 to 25°C

Quest.Wheat protein is called as
Ans.Gluten(Wheat One Liner)

Quest.The protein content in wheat

Quest.The flowering portion of wheat

Quest.Permanent roots of wheat, appeared after 20-22 days of sowing?
Ans.Crown roots

Quest.The shelling percentage of wheat

Quest.Pearling index in wheat measures
Ans.Kernel hardness(Wheat One Liner)

Quest.Gene responsible for dwarfness in wheat?

Quest.Sowing depth of dwarf wheat is directly depend upon
Ans.Length of coleoptyle

Quest.Triple gene dwarf wheat varieties were released during?

Quest.The Row to row spacing of wheat
Ans.22.5 – 23.0 cm(Wheat One Liner)

Quest.The seed rate of timely sown wheat
Ans.100 -125 kg/ha

Quest.The seed rate of Late sown wheat
Ans.125 -150 kg/ha

Quest.The most important critical stage of wheat is
Ans.Crown root initiation (CRI 20-25 DAS)

Quest.Single gene dwarf varieties are
Ans.Sonalika, UP-262, WL-711, Girja

Quest.Double gene dwarf varieties are
Ans.Kalyansona, UP-215, Arjun, Pratap, Janak(Wheat One Liner)

Quest.Triple gene dwarf varieties are
Ans.Jawahar, Jyoti, Hira, Moti, Sangam, UP-301, UP-319

Quest.The variety best suited for sowing in Rainfed areas?
Ans.C-306, Sujata, Shera, Mukta

Quest.Marconi wheat varieties are
Ans.Jayraj, Meghdoot, Malvika, HD-4530 etc.

Quest.Both blight and Rust resistant varieties are
Ans.UP 2425, PBW 273, WH 291(Wheat One Liner)

Quest.Most important crop variety during green revolution
Ans.HD 2329

Quest.Zinc and sulphates deficiency in wheat field reported in

Quest.Most suitable cropping system for wheat crop
Ans.Mixed cropping

Quest.Objectionable weed of wheat
Ans.Convolvulus arvensis

Quest.Associated weeds of wheat
Ans.Phalaris minor, Avena fatua and Chenopodium album(Wheat One Liner)

Quest.Common herbicide used to control weeds in wheat
Ans.2, 4-D

Quest.Initial distinguishing character for identification of Phalaris minor
Ans.It is basal node is pink upto 50 days

Quest.The moisture content at harvesting stage of wheat

(Wheat One Liner)

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